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After our holidays, we decided to book a trip to London to finish off before we both go back to work. The first thing I thought of when going to London was visiting London Zoo. The zoo is one of my most favourite places to go.

We explored the whole zoo, starting off with the penguins, finishing with the gorillas and everything else in between.

After the zoo, we hopped onto the tub and went to Camden. Camden is amazing. I would recommend to anyone that if they go to London, they need to visit Camden. The atmosphere is incredible. There is so many stalls which sell anything from food to jewellery, to paintings, to flower shaped candles and so many more amazing things. Just make sure you are ready with cash in your wallets/purses because you have to treat yourself to something while there.

Afterwards, it was getting late and we thought about heading home, but not before a quick stop off at Covent Gardens. Once again, you can’t go to London and not visit Covent Gardens. There are so many amazing high end shops and street performers which will blow you away. While we were there, we managed to get a cute photo on a bench surrounded by flowers in front of the Chanel store.

Once we got our snapshot, it was time to head home, back to Northamptonshire to prepare ourselves for work on Monday. We had an amazing time in London. There is always so many things to do and explore. London will always be in my heart as an amazing city to travel.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Until next time.

Georgina X

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