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Don’t you just love walking around your neighbourhood, or driving round your local town and seeing all the Christmas decorations up. I love the Christmas season. Everyone gets into the festive mood and it’s amazing!

As always, I’m the one who’s panicking and running around the shops a few days before Christmas and buying all my Christmas presents. Every year I tell myself that I’ll finish my Christmas shopping by mid-November ahead of the rush but inevitably things are left to the last minute. Last year Liam and I went to Birmingham and visited the bull ring in November and finished all of our Christmas shopping. This year, as we’re saving for a house, we decided not to go back to the bull ring but visit Milton Keynes instead.

Surprisingly, we managed to buy most of our presents here. It was lovely walking around and seeing all the Christmas displays. In Milton Keynes they have a huge square which is just oozing Christmas. They have a train ride, small stalls dotted around which are selling festive food and drink to try. They have a giant slide and even a carousel!

In the middle of the centre there’s a small area which they decorate. They’ve put up more small stalls full of Christmas gifts, food and drink. In the centre is a tall Christmas tree and behind that is a bridge with running water below it. We saw some coins at the bottom of the water which we believe that some people may have made Christmas wishes.

Once all of our presents were bought we had a look on the touchscreen map to see where we could go for something to eat. At the very top was a place called Ask Italian. We decided to try there as we had never been. It was right next to the Christmas square so we could look at all the Christmas lights while we were eating. We both had a three course meal with a free glass of Prosecco to start off with! I would definitely recommend visiting Ask Italian. We had an amazing meal.

The shopping may be over, and all the presents may be bought, but now the hard part starts. The wrapping!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Let me know what you guys like about Christmas. Buying gifts? The Christmas lights? Christmas songs? Until next time.

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