I am sure this is one thing many people find difficult, me being one of them. I’m always a little awkward when taking photos and will have a look around to see if anyone is watching. I have come up with a few different tips to help when trying to take pictures out in public.

Know your photographer

You should always have someone who you know and trust take your pictures, it’s no good getting a stranger to take your picture because they don’t know what you want. Liam is probably the only person who takes my pictures for me. I am comfortable around him and he has a pretty good idea of what I want. If I want to change things up then I’ll just let him know and he’ll help me out.

Ignore everyone else

This is one that I do find a bit more difficult. You’ll always have people staring and talking about you if you’re out in public taking a picture. It seems quite simple but you just need to drown them out, focus on what you’re doing. If you want your picture taken then you get your picture taken, doesn’t matter who is there watching.

If you’re new at taking pictures in public, why don’t you start off away from the crowd. See if you can find a quieter area to take your picture, a side street or a quiet cafe and then slowly introduce more people around you.


A key thing I’ve found is to practice what you want your pictures to look like in the mirror. Have a quick posing session in the mirror to work our your angles, how you’re going to pose and hold any accessories to get the result you want, that way you can get down to business when taking your picture and you’ll have more photos you’ll like than more you hate. It’s always annoying when you sit and look through your pictures and find you don’t like any that was taken.

Have fun

Remember to enjoy yourself. Twirl around, jump up in the air, smile and laugh. Try not to take yourself too seriously, it is only a picture. If you can’t get the shot you want then try another spot, a different day, another outfit. Try not to stress out on the little details. I must find this the hardest, I’m so picky and I could easily get Liam to retake a picture about 5 times and by that time I’m so annoyed with myself because we didn’t get the shot the first time around. I need to learn to relax more, sometimes you can’t get the shot, but at least I had fun, at first.

Is there any tips you could share to help being more confident in public? I’d love to hear them, I’m still learning myself and would love to know how you guys manage it. Thank you for reading, until next time.

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