Another travel diaries and another trip to Centre Parcs. We travelled down to Centre Parcs on Friday morning (12th). We got there for about lunch time and started the active holiday by going in the swimming pool as we couldn’t get into the lodge until 3pm. We explored the rapids, lazy river and cyclone before grabbing a starbucks drink and heading to the lodge to unpack.

After unpacking, we had a walk around the area and started with our first proper activity, table tennis.

Table tennis was very fun and hard. We do enoy a game of killer on anything we can do, such as table tennis, badminton and tennis. I wasn’t that good at table tennis but we’ll let that slide as it was our first game of the weekend. Afterwards, we headed to the lodge for some dinner and a change of clothes ready for a couple cocktails and a game of bowling.

We also snuck in some games at the arcades and a game of pool which I should never play again!

Saturday rolled around and we had an early start with a game of lawn bowls.

I am much too old for my age as I am amazing at lawn bowls. At least I know what I will be doing when I retire! Liam and I smashed this game and won. We had a stroll around the area and found a beautiful lake where we met a deer. The lake was amazing so we took some pictures too.

We then hung around the lodge and had a game of giant jenga (which I won as well) before another dip in the swimming pool. After swimming and going down the rapids, we stopped by Starbucks (again) and had some drinks and some lunch.

We then had a walk around the shops before heading to a game of tennis. Liam and I were so bad at tennis. I could barely serve the ball let alone keep a game going. This was not our strong suit.

Afterwards, we got back into the swing of it and had a couple games of badminton (we were much better at this). This has to be my favourite game of the weekend. I love playing badminton. Liam and I used to play badminton a lot after work but we’ve recently stopped going. I definitely need to suggest about getting back to playing more.

We then finished the night by staying at the lodge and playing a couple board games.

Sunday rolled around too quickly. We were able to have a lovely lay in as our first event of the day didnt start till lunch time. We ended up being late as we were waiting in the wrong place. We had to walk across to the other side of the Parc ready for GEO Cash. We were given a compass, map and clipboard and had to find fake rocks with numbers hidden underneath. One we found all of those, we then had to match the numbers to the letters which turned into an anagram and then work out the anagram. After about 10 minutes of guessing and getting nowhere, they gave us a clue and we worked out the answer, we came fourth place and recieved a pin badge. We wouldv’e done a lot better if we didn’t start 45 minutes late!

We took a couple more pictures as we found a bridge over the lake which was pretty and then had another game of badminton.

Afterwards, we had another night out with a couple cocktails and we played some more games. My favourite was Drunk, Stoned or Stupid. After a couple drinks everyone got into it and we ended up continuing the game back at the lodge. A very fun night to end our time at Centre Parcs.

We had a slow start to Monday morning as we needed to be packed and be out of the lodge by 10am. I took a slow stroll back to the car so I could drive it round to put our suitcases in it and found some very picturesque places.

We packed up the car, said goodbye to the lodge and headed to the pancake house for breakfast.

We had a quick pop to the shops for some food for the road and I found a small rainbow trolley which I had to get a picture with!

Then we went over to treasure island for a game of adventure golf. It took a lot longer than intended as we got stuck behind a few familes with their children.

At the end of the whole weekend, we added up all of the scores and I WON!!

Liam and I had such a wonderful time at Centre Parcs and we are already talking about the next time we come here! Biggest thank you to everyone who came and made it a memorable holiday.

I hope you have enjoy reading. Until next time.


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