I definitely feel like I’ve had a very busy month seeing as this is my third Travel Diaries. I’ve been to Clacton-on-Sea and to Centre Parcs. I haven’t had a trip to London since last July so I was definitely ready for it. We had two things book for the long weekend. The first was an escape room that was given to me as a birthday present for my birthday last year that we have only just managed to book (seeing as my birthday is in August), and a michelin star meal with a trip up the Shard.

We headed down to London on Friday (19th) around lunch time as our escape room was booked for 6:30pm and we couldn’t get into the room till 3pm. We got the train from Wellingborough to London St Pancras as it was the easiest way for us to travel down with our weekend bags.

We got to London and headed straight to the hotel to drop our bags of and then head out to explore some of London.

We walked past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and had an hour stroll up to Tower Bridge. I had so many picture opportunities in my head that I wanted to try but I didn’t know that Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament had scaffolding around them. I did take a risk at the Tower of London and I do believe the pictures turned out pretty good!

After stopping for some pictures. We headed onto the tube to find the Enigma Escape Room that we had booked to do. We booked to do The Killer. It was just Liam and I and I am very proud to say that WE ESCAPED with 3 minutes and 39 seconds to spare. Because we escaped we got given a ‘The Killer’ coin to commemorate the experience.

We then headed to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat as we hadn’t really eaten anything and then came across the rainbow wall at Kings across Station.

This wall is like my dream. I love a rainbow so I had to get a picture in front of it. We planned to head back to this wall to get some more snazzy pictures. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for an early night ready for a busy Saturday.

Saturday came very quickly and we started with a full English breakfast courtesy of our Travelodge. We then decided to have a walk down to Swingers where we were going to have a game of mini golf. On our way, we passed St Paul’s Cathedral and took some pictures.

Afterwards, we passed this heart sculpture which was so cute we had to take some more pictures.

We then finally made it to swingers.

We had such a fun time, definitely the best mini golf course we have done. There were two courses to choose from and we got opted into the Windmill course. It had a windmill and a loop-the-loop within the course to conquer.

Obviously, I won!! But in all honesty, I would definitely recommend trying Swingers if you are in London! We were waiting for an important phone call so we headed into the Alchemist for some drinks. Both Liam and I have never been here before but my god, it was amazing!

The bartender made the drinks right in front of us and we were amazed! I had a colour changing drink, Liam had one that was out on fire, there was dry ice everywhere, if you haven’t tried the Alchemist, you need to.

After our phone call and another drink, we had a walk up to Shoreditch to explore the graffiti walls.

The graffitied walls were everywhere. There was a whole square full of them, every corner you turned another artist had created a masterpiece.

While having a look around, we stumbled onto some angel wings which I had to get a picture of.

If anyone is interested, these angel wings are at the entrance of Redemption Bar. I’m sure if you put it into google maps you’ll find it! We then headed back to the hotel, stopped of at a bookshop and found the rainbow wall at Kings Cross again before getting ready for our fancy meal.

Our meal was at Galvin at the Atheneum and the food was delicious. We obviously had a three course meal and both had food babies by the end of dessert.

We then had a quick tube ride to the Shard.

The view was incredible. There were two different floors you could look out of. One right at the top which was outside and one underneath which was more sheltered.

We were quite disappointed as we didn’t expect so many people to be sat right next to the windows on the floor. We had to wait a good 20 minutes or so for someone to move out of the way so we could get a proper view. But the view was worth it.

This was the perfect end to an amazing weekend in London. On Sunday morning we got up early and headed to the train station back to a Wellingborough.

I definitely didn’t expect my weekend to be that jam packed but it was truly an experience! Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

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