Finally, a travel diaries where I can actually travel on an aeroplane. I have been waiting for months for a holiday, and this time, I get to go away with Liam and my mum for my birthday.

My birthday was on 26th August which luckily, was a bank holiday, so we decided to do a long weekend and go from Friday to Monday. We had a very early start on Friday, getting up at 2 in the morning. That was hard. We had just under a 2 hour car journey to the airport and then a 2 hour 30 minute flight to get to Rome. And then another additional 30 minutes to drive to our hotel. A long day travelling but it was worth it.

We got in, dropped our bags off and headed to explore what was around the area. Luckily for us we had picked a prime location for our hotel as everything was walking distance. The furthest tourist spot was the Colosseum which was about an hours walk away. As we set off walking, we decided to have a walk up to the Trevi Fountain. On our way we passed a lot of other fountains but it was beautiful. No wonder why it was so packed.

We continued to have a stroll around the area passing so many cobble stoned streets with lovely little shops and resturants at every turn.

It was a very long day travelling so we stopped off for some lunch/dinner at a place called 433. They had an offer for pizza, pudding and a drink for €14 which was amazing.

Afterwards, we then took a stroll back home, passing The Vatican on our way and having a mini photoshoot.

We the had an early night ready for a busy weekend of more exploring.

Day two and we had booked to go into The Vatican.

The views were amazing. There was so much to see both inside and outside of The Vatican.

We found this giant gold ball which spun round which was in the middle of the courtyard inside The Vatican.

There were so many picturesque places within The Vatican, but unfortunatly, there were some places where I was unable to take any pictures (even got told off by security) so there isnt many pictures to browse through.

Liam did manage to get this very cool action shot of myself which I just have to upload.

One thing The Vatican is famous for though is thier ceilings. It’s amazing. The art work, the detail.

After exploring The Vatican, we had another walk around and found ourselves at the Spanish Steps. It’s amazing how close everything is to one another.

We then found this very cool market selling loads of touristy bits and bobs right next to the canal. It reminded me of our walks in Paris. We ended up buying a Rome plaque as we thought we could start a plaque wall in our new house of all the places we have been.

We then had some dinner and had another early night. You wouldn’t believe how tired we all were just from walking.

Day three and we started the morning back at The Vatican. The person who owns the hotel we were staying at told us that the Pope will make an announcement today so we decided to go and visit him. It was a litle harder for us as he was making his speech in Italian so we didn’t really know what he was saying but it’s an added bonus that we got to see him and we got blessed by him.

Afterwards, we started our hour long walk to the Colosseum. The Colosseum was everything we thought it would be. It was breathtaking. I didn’t quite realise how big it was.

We found an Irish pub to have a quick drink seeing as we were all so dehydrated, and then we had a slow walk back to the first restaurant we went to, 433 so we could have some dinner and then get back to the free wifi in time for Liam to watch the football.

Day four, MY BIRTHDAY. You would not believe how happy I was waking up in Rome on my birthday. It was one of the best feelings ever. I feel so lucky that I was able to go on this adventure. For my birthday, we didn’t exactly do much as it was mostly a travelling day for us as we headed back to England today, but we did manage to have another walk around the cobble streets and grab some ice ceam (it was the size of my head) before having to leave.

I had a food baby after that ice cream. We then had a transfer back to the airport and boarded our flight back home.

I had an amazing time exploring Rome and had the best birthday ever! Thank you so much for reading. Until next time.

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