And we’re off on another holiday! To say that I feel privileged is an understatement! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to go on two holidays within the space of a couple days! This time we flew out to sunny Cyprus for a family wedding.

It was just over a four hour flight, a lot longer than Rome. But with some Netflix series and films downloaded, as well as a quick nap, the time flew by. Our flight was to Paphos but we then had to drive over two hours to get to Larnaka as that was where our villa was. We literally had to drive on a dirt track to get to the villa, but it was worth it. The villa was amazing, the best one we have stayed in by far.

We spent most of the days relaxing by the pool, floating on Florence the flamingo and playing ball games! It was lovely to be able to sit around, read a book and chill out for a bit.

We had the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

We took a trip to the beach one morning, was not a fan of how hot the sand was. The beaches were extremely sandy and the sea was an amazing blue.

Wedding day came around and I was most excited to be apart of Michelle and Tony’s special day (obviously after the stress of getting dressed and ready in time) . I’d say that Liam and I scrub up well.

It was a beautiful beach ceremony with a double decker bus which took us to the ceremony and then to the meal/party.

We had a lovely day celebrating Michelle and Tony’s big day. You would not believe how many people came up and asked Liam and I if it gave us any ideas for our big day (we’re not even engaged).

My dress I bought from New Look a few months ago. I saw it and fell in love with is as I thought it as perfect for a beach wedding as it was such a light blue colour, it was flowy and it looked great with a bit of a tan.

After the wedding, we had a day to relax before flying back home. Liam and I spent our last day doing absolutely nothing (we looked like this).

We enjoyed one last meal out together before the dreadful day of packing and travelling.

I never enjoy the travel home. We left the villa at 9:30 in the morning and we didn’t get home till just gone 9 at night. That was a very long day for us both.

We both had a lovely holiday away in Cyprus and I feel privileged to be apart of someone’s special day. To be honest, it has given Liam and I some ideas for our wedding in the near/distant future. Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

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