I am one to never know what to do on date night. We always end up doing the same thing which is either going to the cinema, or just going out for a meal. No matter what Liam and I do, we always have such an amazing time, but I thought that I could put together a few date night ideas that both Liam and I would like to try and I thought that I would share them with you too.

Picnic. I’ve never been on a picnic and I’d love to. I’ve definitely missed out this year seeing as the summer is over but I definitely want to do it next year!

Going for a stroll. I’m looking forward to being able to do this over the autumn and winter season. Going for a stroll in the cold with our hats and jumpers on and big, oversized coats.

Karaoke. This is definitely more for Liam than I because I definitely don’t sing in-front of other people (apart from Liam).

Staying in and laying board games. You can’t beat a night inside, a couple drinks, take out and loads of board games. Liam and I have played monopoly for hours before.

See a movie. A classic. Can’t beat a cinema trip.

Go to an arcade. Liam and I love the arcades, we only ever go when we go to the beach, mostly because I prefer the kiddie arcades rather than the casino style where I lose all of my money.

Go bowling. Classic, again.

Play mini-golf. I love mini golf. No matter where Liam and I go we always find a place to play mini golf.

Laser tag. I used to love laser tag when I was younger, it was always the place you went to for your birthday party.

Double date. I’ve been on a couple double dates. It’s actually quite nice just sitting there talking to a small group of people, getting to know them better.

Make dinner together. This always sounds like a lovely idea. At home in your comfies making dinner from scratch.

Go roller skating. Never been roller skating. Always scared of breaking something. Would like to try it, but I would definitely need a lot of protection and padding because I will fall over.

Go to a concert. I would love to go to a concert. Everyone finds it weird when I say I’ve never been to a concert. That’s definitely one for the bucket list.

Go swimming. This is a tricky one. I love going swimming when we go on holiday but it’s hard when you’re back at home as it’s just not the same.

Camp out. I would love to give this a go! I think I’d have to try it in my garden first, just to make sure I was up for it properly!

Have a bike ride. We’ve said about doing this once we have moved into our house. I love the idea of going for a bike ride around a lake in the summer time.

Bake. Liam isn’t the biggest fan of puddings like cake but he’ll always help bake with me, I just get to eat it all at the end!

Visit the zoo. I love going to the zoo. Liam and I tend to go to the zoo where ever we go.

Try ice skating. Never been ice scaring. One again, I would love to try it but I would be one of those adults holding onto the penguin for support.

Go to a food festival. Who doesn’t love food.

Thank you so much for reading!! Let me know what date night ideas you have!! Until next time.

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