What’s the best way to decorate your day? Obviously with flowers.

When I read that you could own flowers that lasted for over three years, I almost spilt my cup of tea. I don’t understand how that is possible? But it’s true. Sheer Blush design and create the most romantic, elegant and modern statement of flowers that’ll suit everyone’s needs.

Sheer Blush hand pick all of their beautiful flowers at the height of their bloom and then are preserved to last up to three year’s, yep, THREE YEARS. They then create beautiful bouquets which are delivered straight to your door.

I have been lucky enough to have been sent this gorgeous bouquet of rose gold flowers by Sheer Blush.

I chose the Rose Gold colour as I thought it would go perfectly with my office/vanity room in my new house (which we are still waiting to move into). My theme is going to be blush pinks, greys and rose gold colours and so these were perfect!

They came packaged in a beautiful pink box which makes it handy to pack up and move into my new house. They sent me them in a white box but you can also choose for the flowers to be placed into a pink box, it’s up to you. I like the white box as I believe it makes the rose gold colours stand out more, makes it look cleaner.

They’re just perfect for giving to people. I’m already creating a list of all the people I can buy for and send them to. Even a single red rose for a birthday present, knowing that they last for up to three years, it’s worth it.

I could not be happier with my rose gold flowers and I couldn’t thank Sheer Blush enough for gifting me them. I would 10000% recommend checking out their website and gifting either yourself or someone you love with these gorgeous flowers. I cannot wait to put them in my new home, I think I might be ordering some more for each room in my house. Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

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