You know when you’re constantly browsing through your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and you see all of these advertisements that you either stop and browse through all of them or you just ignore them. I am someone who will stop and look at all the advertisements. I was scrolling through my Instagram and this gorgeous map poster caught my eye and I had to look on the website. I love it so much that they got in contact with me and sent me one of their gorgeous maps for my new house.

It took me ages to decide which destination to have and why, but in the end, with the help from Liam, we decided to go for a poster of Paris as it was the first holiday Liam and I went on together. I am already thinking about the future and getting more to be able to fill a wall of all the places Liam and I have visited together.

I feel like I have been gifted the most amazing present that you could get someone for Christmas. This is something that I think you should definitely consider getting someone as a Christmas present. I think anything that you can personalise is a good gift to receive. There are so many different colours and styles that you can choose from which will match all of your wants and needs.

I am so grateful to Mapiful for sending me this print, it definitely adds a personal touch for mine and Liam’s new home, and seeing as it’s Christmas, I am going to have a look on their website to see who I can buy a Mapiful print so I can bring a little joy and personalisation to their home, just like Mapiful did for mine.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you all check out Mapiful and their amazing offers, you get 25% off from your 3rd item and free shipping worldwide, so make sure you’re quick so you get it in time for Christmas. If you do purchase anything then please let me know what you ordered in the comments! Until next time.

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