Valentine’s Day is always expected to be one of the happiest days of the year. This year, it was mine and Liam’s 4th Valentine’s together, but this one was extra special as it was our first Valentine’s together since we’ve bought our house. We had a lot of things planned for Valentine’s Day but a lot of things did not go our way!

We started the day off like any other day, woke up and I had to get ready for work. Liam was the sweetest because he surprised me with a cooked breakfast and some beautiful red roses. Then things started going downhill. Liam ordered my card from Moonpig (we always give each other Moonpig cards) and they managed to get his order wrong and sent him the wrong card. We received a card that was supposed to be sent to someone in Nottingham, which means they received the card that Liam was supposed to give to me. Looking back over it, it is a very funny story and I couldn’t believe it happened to us!

We had planned many deliveries for Valentine’s Day as Liam was working from home, it just seemed easier. We ordered Hive to come and be fitted during the morning. All was going to plan until they said to us that they couldn’t install Hive as we have two thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs, they said that we needed to order to multizone. Previous to buying Hive, we spoke to a member of their team and they informed us that we wouldn’t need the multizone, little did we know that they had no idea what they were doing. So, in the end, we had to pay an additional £100 to get multizone, but they couldn’t even fit it there and then, we’ve had to book another day (10th March) for them to come out and fit it. We were not very happy so we wanted to speak to the manager and they told us we would have to was 72 hours to speak to someone, can you believe that? 72 hours just to speak to a manager. We were fuming.

The day got a little bit better after that as we had also planned for our Skybox to be installed. Luckily for us, there were no complications with this and we can now finally watch normal TV after being in the house for over 3 months.

Not too sure if you can tell, but a pattern seems to be emerging, good, bad, good, bad.

So it looks like we’re back onto the bad. I ordered myself the new pink echo dot for my vanity room, preordered it at the start of January and it said it would be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Of course, it wasn’t delivered. I spoke to someone as it was supposed to be delivered by 8pm that night and no one came knocking. The customer service woman told me that they couldn’t say that I would get it delivered for then as they had been out of stock for a while, so it’s a first come first serve basis. My echo dot will not be delivered on the 29th Februayry if they can get the stock. So I’ve waited over a month, for them to tell me I just have to sit and wait around some more.

I am forever grateful that this day ended on a positive note. Liam and I had booked to go to dinner at Hops and Chops. It’s right around the corner from us and my goodness me, the food was delicious. I would 100% recommend going. It is a little on the pricer side but for a special occasion, you can’t complain. Liam and I both enjoyed a steak and it beat both of us.

I treasure every moment I spend with Liam and this was such an important date night for us as it was our first Valentine’s Day in our home. He truly is my rock, he is so supportive in everything I do and I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for him (I know, so cheesy).

So there you have it, my very bad but very good Valentine’s Day. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to life, nothing ever goes the way you plan it, but finishing off the day with my best friend next to me, I couldn’t be happier. Please let me know in the comments below how your Valentine’s Day was. Did everything go to plan? Do you wish you could have a redo? Thank you so much for reading, until next time my lovelies.

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