I know how hard it can be to stay motivated as a blogger. I used to go through constant periods of feeling so deflated and uninspired with it all, and to this date, it still happens. I think it’s quite normal to feel like that from time to time. I want to share some tips that I’ve learnt that have helped me get my blog back on track. Whether you blog full time, part time or just as a hobby, I hope these tips will help you when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all.

Make lists.

One of the things I find most useful as a blogger is to jot down post ideas whenever they sprint into your mind. Whether you use a notepad/notebook or write it down in the notes app on your phone, it always comes in handy when you’re not too sure what blog post to write about next. Not only is it an easy way to remember your ideas, but reading back over them can spark another blog post idea, it can give you more inspiration to create better content.

Keep organised.

Keeping lists is one example of keeping organised with your blog. Another way to stay organised is to find an area in your house that you can set up as your blogging area. I tend to do most of my blogging in my bedroom, I have my iMac set up in there so I can sit on my bed and type away as well as being very comfortable. I also like to use my MacBook if I’m on the go, I can take it to cafes or take it with me when I’m visiting friends or family. One thing a lot of people have said is that it is handy to purchase an iPad for blogging as it is conveniently the perfect size to put in your hand bag, you can use it on the go, it’s not big or bulky, it’s the perfect size. It might be something I start using more often.

Seek inspiration.

Sometimes you can feel a bit deflated if you are lacking in inspiration for your own blog posts. This always happens to me. One of the best tips I can give you is to use social media. My favourite social media to scroll through has got to be Instagram. You can gather so much inspiration from other people’s pictures, you can see what places they have visited, the cultures, the laughter. Plus, a lot of people nowadays have their blogs linked on their Instagram. I find this a clever way to see what other people have been blogging about. If you like someone’s Instagram feed then you’ll probably like their blog. I’ve written down all my favourite blogs onto my notes app on my phone so I can keep up to date on what everyone is blogging about. This links onto my next point, if you’re feeling uninspired, then try and start reading blog posts (if you don’t already). It’s a handy way to gain more knowledge and you might read one and think “ooh, that’s interesting, I might have to write a blog post about that too”.

Get out and about.

If you’re feeling uninspired, then staring at the same four walls you do everyday is not going to help. It can be good to get up and give yourself a bit of a break by getting out of the house, getting some fresh air. Now the weather is warming up I am enjoying being outdoors, it clears your mind, makes you stop worrying and stressing out so much. A change of scenery can mean you come home with a clear head ready to tackle the challenges again.

What do you do when you’ve lost your blogging motivation? Have you got any tips or tricks to share? Thank you so much for reading, until next time lovelies.

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