I can’t tell you the last time I wore this much makeup! This was last years Christmas makeup and I am still obsessed with it. This makeup must’ve took me a good hour to do. I always feel like you’ve got so much pressure to make sure your makeup, hair and outfit is on point for occasions such as a Christmas party. I was so worried that I wouldn’t look the part, my makeup and hair wouldn’t fit in, that my clothes may be too revealing, or not revealing enough. It’s always such a panic with girls. This makeup wasn’t … Continue reading SHINE SHINE SHINE


This morning my mum and I got up and went into town to get our nails done. I’d like to say I was getting my nails done so I had ‘birthday nails’ but in actual fact, I had chipped one of my nails about 4 days ago and it was driving me mad. Decided to go for a neutral pink with pink glitter on my ring fingers. After having our nails done, we popped into Castello Lounge for a spot of lunch and bought some birthday balloons ready for tomorrow. Later on, Liam and I drove to Corby as Liam … Continue reading PREPARATIONS AND DATE NIGHT


Every once in a while I like to make a little effort with my hair and makeup. This is a throwback makeup day as I don’t have many nowadays. But I just really loved this look. Look how short my hair was, looking back really makes me want to go short again. I love a smile wavy/messy look. The best way I have tried to get this look is to simply French plait your hair the night before and then take it out, spray some dry shampoo at your roots to give your hair a bit more volume and ta … Continue reading EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR LOOKS


I feel like it’s been ages since I put a drop of make up on my face. I’m not one for much make up anyway but you do miss it after a while. The other day I decided to put a full face of make up on so I could have a little play around and see what I could do, and this was the result. I fell in love with this look when it was completed and I know I’ll never be able to recreate it like this. I really enjoy experimenting with my makeup and seeing what I … Continue reading GLAM MAKEUP


I am definitely not one to go out out and get drunk. I much prefer a night in with close friends, some games and a few drinks. I was celebrating a friends 21st birthday so it was customary to celebrate big. There were seven of us and when I say it took us almost 4 hours to get ready you best believe it. It must’ve been the only time my makeup actually looked alright👀 We had such a lovely time and I met some great people who I can now call my friends. I absolutely lovely my outfit on the … Continue reading RARE NIGHTS OUT