What a night! Liam and I had booked these tickets at Northampton’s Picture Drome months ago when the movie had just come out. We booked them with our friends Olly and Hayley as a double date. Months rolled past and it was finally the day to go. We had all put off watching the film so we could all be blown away with this experience. Because we got there a little late. We had to stand right at the back but we managed to find some space on the stairs to stand on and watch. You would not believe the … Continue reading THE GREATEST SHOWMAN SINGALONG


This morning my mum and I got up and went into town to get our nails done. I’d like to say I was getting my nails done so I had ‘birthday nails’ but in actual fact, I had chipped one of my nails about 4 days ago and it was driving me mad. Decided to go for a neutral pink with pink glitter on my ring fingers. After having our nails done, we popped into Castello Lounge for a spot of lunch and bought some birthday balloons ready for tomorrow. Later on, Liam and I drove to Corby as Liam … Continue reading PREPARATIONS AND DATE NIGHT


It’s been a while since I spent some quality time with my mum. So today, she took some off from gardening and we went out for the day to pamper ourselves! We started off with breakfast at Castello Lounge. I had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup while Mum had the lounge breakfast. Next, we went into town and had our eyebrows threaded and tinted. I’ve never had my eyebrows done before and I didn’t realise how much my eyes would water getting them threaded!! But let’s just say I’ll happily go back there every couple weeks to have … Continue reading PAMPER DAY


It was a miserable on Saturday, clouds everywhere, non stop rain, so what better way to spend a miserable Saturday than to spend it with my mother shopping in Milton Keynes. We started the day off by getting our nails done. We always go to a place in Wellingborough called Krystal Nails and they do such a wonderful job, so friendly. Both my mother and I went for a natural look, I just added glitter on top. Can’t go wrong with a bit of glitter. By the time we got to Milton Keynes, it was lunch time so we went … Continue reading RAINY SATURDAY