Every once in a while I like to make a little effort with my hair and makeup. This is a throwback makeup day as I don’t have many nowadays. But I just really loved this look. Look how short my hair was, looking back really makes me want to go short again. I love a smile wavy/messy look. The best way I have tried to get this look is to simply French plait your hair the night before and then take it out, spray some dry shampoo at your roots to give your hair a bit more volume and ta … Continue reading EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR LOOKS


It is obvious that life isn’t always easy, and we are presented with numerous challenges each day. Whether it is what exam to study for next, what paper to cram in before the deadline or the endless thoughts about that one person who left you heartbroken, there are so many thoughts and decisions that could cause stress and sadness. Sometimes it is hard to imagine staying positive when there are so many things that can bring you down, but it is possible. Focus on the positives. I know it’s so easy to list all the things that went wrong today, … Continue reading IF YOU NEED A POSITIVE REMINDER